Conference: The 18th Nordic Migration Conference “Migration and Social Inequality”

What: The 18th Nordic Migration Conference “Migration and Social Inequality” in Oslo, Aug 11-12, 2016
When: Aug 11-12, 2016
Where: Oslo, Norway
Mixed marriages, marriages across borders such as race, ethnicity, religion and nationality, have always existed. However, attention paid to such marriages, both in public and in academic space has been greater than before in recent years, as a result of the increased number of mixed marriages due to globalization and migration. Mixed marriages are often seen as a sign of integration and society’s openness, however research shows mixed results when it comes to the actual socioeconomic benefits and the level of integration for the minorities to have a native partnerChildren of mixed marriages i.e. multiracial and multiethnic individuals, are also celebrated as “double”, a bridge between the minority and the majority with cultural, racial and ethnic literacy. The increase of children of mixed marriages is thought to contribute to the blurring of the racial and ethnic divide that may exist in society, accelerates the post-racial and colorblind ideal, and enhance the attractiveness and marketability of the “Generation E.A. (Ethnically Ambiguous)”. On the other hand, children of mixed marriages are all too often seen literary as “half”, “the marginal man”, having physiological and social problems of belonging neither to the majority or the minority. Little in fact is known about the children of mixed marriages today: What are the experiences of multiracial and multiethnic individuals inside and outside the Nordic countries, and how do they differ according to their gender, ethnic and racial configuration of the mixedness? This workshop calls for methodological, theoretical and empirical and international contributions that explore multiracial and multiethnic experience from the Nordic and Global perspectives.
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