By Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

wp_team_sahraWelcome to the immigration section of the MiClue website. This section is designed to provide you with relevant information about the focus of the immigration research. All research findings will be disseminated through the MiClue blog.

Throughout the research period we are creating exhibition pieces and interactive tools in collaboration with the Danish Immigration Museum. Our first creative output is the Immigration Timeline, which you can read more about here as well.

My personal research focus is on immigration; more specifically I am investigating Web 2.0 and its implications for immigration to Denmark. My PhD is a case study of the impact of virtual spaces and online narratives on the migratory process, identity and notions of belonging among Turkish and Romanian migrants and descendants living in Denmark. If you are interested in learning more about my research, please visit the MiClue blog. The blog contains updates and articles based on the research findings and it is designed to contain information for students, migrants, non-migrants, researchers, friends of the project, project partners and the media.

The immigration timeline

As I briefly mentioned, the Immigration Timeline is the first creative and interactive output from the Miclue project. The timeline outlines 70 years of immigration to Denmark. The focus of the timeline is on the legislative developments that have taken place during the time period 1945-2015. The timeline also contains additional insights such as migrant stories about people who have taken up residence in Denmark for a shorter or longer period of time. The timeline is an initiative created by The Danish Immigration and we invite visitors to take part in shaping the timeline by submitting stories about their own migrant experience.

The timeline can be viewed in both 2D and 3D depending on your preference.