Yes, I Want To Learn About Human Rights And Multiculturalism!

by Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

While I don’t believe this blog should be used for promotional purposes, I wanted to share an opportunity with those of you who are still in school because its simply so exciting and it made a really big impact on me as a person and on my academic career.

During my first year as a MA student I found myself desperately searching for new educational opportunities on the Internet. While I enjoyed my curriculum in International Relations, I wanted to be inspired and learn something more and different about politics, human rights, migration and multiculturalism (especially outside of a traditional classroom setting).

That’s when I came across and organization called Humanity in Action (HIA). Now HIA is an international organization, which is built on the principles of common understanding and universal acceptance of human rights, (which is why this opportunity is relevant to discuss within the framework of multiculturalism and social inclusion).

Now, each summer HIA accepts applications from university students to participate in their free summer program. The program takes place in multiple capitals in Europe and the US and after the completion of the program you get to be a part of an international network of passionate people. I know that the program in Denmark will tackle the issue of Multiculturalism in Denmark, which is a highly relevant conversation to have, because countless questions still need to be answered: is multiculturalism dead? Or is multiculturalism the source of ethnic conflict? Well, those are just a few.

If the idea of spending a month over the summer learning in a creative and challenging environment I strongly recommend checking out HIA’s website 

Applications for the Danish program are due February 23rd. 2014

Ps. Did I mention that they can help you get access to internships in the US Congress and the European Parliament?